Shea Holbrook’s strengths are not limited to her on-track abilities. In fact, her high-energy, keen eye for value, calculated risks and business expertise has created even greater value in her professional racing career. Shea Holbrook has developed an aptitude for business and entrepreneurship which demands the same level of risk and ferocity as racing. Recognized by motorsports industry veterans and respected business leaders around the nation, she knows what it takes to build successful partnerships and businesses. Shea is a persistent, driven young woman with a knack for creative marketing, automotive events and driver development. Her work-ethic which was stems from humble beginnings has boosted her ability to continue pursuing her passion.

Shea’s involved in:

  • Motorsport Coaching
  • Driver Brand Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Television
  • OEM Driving Events
  • Track Night in America’s Experiential Programs
  • Social Media Marketing

Brands associated with:

Truecar Commercial


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