Jason Fichter – Touring Car’s Wild Card

May 31, 2016

May 26, 2016 – Via nasportscar.com

Jason Fichter, driver of the #7 Shea Racing Honda Accord, currently sits in the top five of the standings after an impressive start to his first season in Pirelli World Challenge’s TC class.  Having raced in TCB last season, Jason made the jump to TC and continues to get better and better.  The results speak for themselves, and as this young season goes on, he’ll be fighting for the class title in no time – you can consider him the wild card.  We got to ask Jason a few questions on his season so far:


Matt:  You have steadily moved up the results at each and every event this season.  What is your game plan going into each race?

JF: The game plan is exactly that- to continually move up in the field until I am at the top of the podium. This is my third year in Pirelli World Challenge.  I have certainly grown a lot since my first PWC race at Barber when I was 15.  Each experience on the track has given me insight to perfecting my race craft and learning car set ups.  I think this year I have a very different mindset than in the past where I was just a fledgling driver.  I am much more confident in my abilities and I am really enjoying each race. The crew at Shea Racing is dedicated to winning the championship and their willingness to work with me to get the set up just right for each track has given me confidence in the car.  As a driver, I can concentrate on getting to the podium.

Matt: You were the Trans Am TA3 class Rookie of the Year last season.  Did your experience there help transition into TC?

JF: That was such an honor.  I loved driving the Camaro in TA3, but being a full time college student though, I just don’t have the time to run in two series this year.  Competing in a series such as Trans Am where there’s nothing but horsepower all around, a driver learns quickly how to navigate races with speed differentials.  It definitely helped with the transition to TC from TCB.  The higher speeds and wheel to wheel racing feel very natural to me now.

Matt:  You also raced in TCB in 2015. How has the jump been from TCB to TC?

JF: I learned so much about race craft in the Mini Cooper.  It was a great car to drive and the class is full of really great competitors.  I definitely learned patience in the Mini as it is all about momentum in that car! The Accord is similar to the Mini in that it is front wheel drive but that’s about where the similarities end!  I’m having so much fun running the Accord in TC this season – I get to whip around the same tracks I did last year with a whole different perspective.  Having raced TCB, I now never want to get in their way; I know how difficult it is for them to build momentum. As a TC driver, I have a lot more opportunities to pass the TCA and TCB field. Everyone’s racing for a podium and it’s all about respecting your fellow competitors no matter what class they are in.

Matt:  We’re still early into the 2016 season, but what’s next for you? Where do you see yourself in 2017? 

JF: The future is full of opportunities for young drivers such as myself.  My goal is to run clean races, finish on top and continue to grow in my race craft. I will continue going to school at Palm Beach Atlantic University. I definitely will be back in PWC and would like to grow with the series which has a very promising future. I’d love to work my way into the GT class, of course, and I think my hard work and determination will get me there.

I certainly owe a lot to Shea Racing for their support on and off the track.  My crew is top notch and it is showing each race.  We are getting those Accords dialed in and are hunting points!  Thanks too to my sponsors Mother’s Polishes, Revant Optics, Fuel Clothing, Donate Life and to my family, who follows me around the country cheering me on.

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