Jan 22, 2013

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Being a talented and exceedingly popular role model is tough work. Sure on the surface it looks like a piece of cake, all glamour and glitz and none stop good times. But, the truth is only a handful of people fixed with that responsibility ever successfully pull it off, let alone sustain being a positive role model over the trial of years.

Shea Holbrook is one of those rare individuals that embodies all that it means to be a role model. She is self-assured and happy with whom she is, and her self-esteem positively influences those she encounters. She displays a streak of independence showing she doesn’t need to follow current trends, and she trusts in being herself. She is proud of what she has accomplished, but not cocky. And the TrueCar and Virgin sportscar racer uses the pressure of being a role model to fuel herself to do even greater things.

“By far the 2012 season has been my best and most memorable,” Holbrook reflects. “I think the Shea Racing Team exceeded what people’s expectations were of us and we proved that the underdog can play with the top competitors too. It’s been a long road for us (like driving around the Nürburgring) and the success we had on and off the track this year was extremely gratifying, and in this sport getting gratification doesn’t come easily.”

Holbrook’s perception of gratification was radically redefined last season when she became the first women to ever win a Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car race, winning the Long Beach Grand Prix, the Best Standing Start and the Hard Charger Award.

“There’s still a lot more I want to accomplish personally and I want to see the Shea Racing Team grow. I’m happy with our 4th place finish in the championship (Pirelli World Challenge) and the few podiums during the season but I do want more in 2013. I think the hardest part to overcome is to truly and honestly believe in yourself. In a tough sport like this it’s natural to experience some self-doubt, and to question whether or not it’s all really worth it.”

“Nobody will believe in your dream more than you, so it’s extremely critical to move forward with passion and persistence, and to surround yourself with positive people. I’m thankful to have the support from partners, friends and family this year, and for many more years to come.”

Holbrook’s freethinking attributes surfaced in 2012 when the K&N sponsored driver became the first Pirelli World Challenge driver to stream live video from the cockpit of her No.67 Honda Civic Si during all on track sessions, beginning at the Mid-Ohio Sportscar Challenge.
“Oh yeah!” she answers when asked if we can expect more of the same next season. “You’ll be seeing more live streaming in 2013 and probably a different side of me and the crew too, as nothing is ever sugar coated nor bleeped out,” she laughs.

“I’ve kept busy so far during the off season with sponsor obligations and planning for 2013. We’ll continue with our Duchenne muscular dystrophy efforts and bringing families out to the track, along with a few fan contests during the 2013 season that we haven’t done before.” I’m just now finally slowing down a bit for the holidays!”

Shea Holbrook has also streamed Live In-Car Video, was Slated as Celebrity Contestant in the 2012 Fireball Run AdventuRally and became the 2nd Woman to Win a World Challenge Event

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