Mar 21, 2013

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John R. Walker_Mosport8March 20, 2013 – Let’s give a big cheer to Shea Holbrook and her amazing presence representing women in the racing and automotive industry. Not only is she a successful racer and longtime friend of AskPatty.com, but today Shea launched a new website, www.SteelOvaryNation.com and an accompanying #SteelOvaryNation hashtag campaign representing female drivers, engineers, mechanics, fans, car, and motorsport gurus.

The percentage of women in motorsports is small but we know their impact is large. Shea’s #SteelOvaryNation campaign encompasses all the tough, dedicated, compassionate, and influential people in motorsports who happen to be women. And Shea addresses her male supporters too, calling them #brovaries.

Steel Ovary Nation wasn’t a delicately planned concept nor was its creation ever even much more than a passing thought. The concept of“Steel Ovary Nation” started with a congratulatory tweet sent by @nascarasm— an avid motorsports follower who happens to have a very large following himself — to the winner of the 2013 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Daytona and the sponsor of the team, saying: “It took some big Carolina nuts to win this one.”

Shea’s reply was, “Girls have big nuts too, they’re called ovaries!”

And so it started: A string of tweets using the hashtags #SteelOvaryNation and #steelovaries took off. Due to the enthusiasitc response from her fans and the support of women in motorsports, the www.SteelOvaryNation.com website was established. Shea collaborated with girlfriend, Amanda Martin, founder of Female Racing News to help launch the #SteelOvaryNation social media campaign.

Menards44_SteelOvaryNation_BrovaryAskPatty is proud to be a supporter of #SteelOvaryNation, a campaign that’s meant to be energetic, fun, and a great place to bring people together who think women in motorsports are cool! If you also want to be a part of “The Nation” just send in a photo of you to get your name featured. Get creative with a photo of you holding a #SteelOvaryNation or #Brovaries sign!

There’s a few ways you can submit a photo: Tweet it using the hashtag #SteelOvaryNation, #Brovaries, or #Brovary; or post to the official Facebook page www.facebook.com/SteelOvaryNation

Please join us at AskPatty, and show Shea and the entire #SteelOvaryNation your support of women in automotive or motorsports!

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