The Race Car Driver Who Powered a Bike Speed Record

Oct 11, 2018
In September, cyclist Denise Mueller-Korenek and professional race car driver Shea Holbrook arrived at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to break the world record for bicycle land speed. While Mueller-Korenek now officially holds the world record of 183.91 miles per hour, she repeatedly attributes its success to her team, particularly the connection she has with her driver, Shea Holbrook. This is Holbrook’s account of the day.
This isn’t some cavalier attempt at raising the bar. It’s about a vision of putting two women into the record books of human achievement.”
“By mile four, we’re going over 170 miles per hour and pushing safety regulations of my vehicle. But Denise can go faster—I can see it in her stance—so I’m willing to take the heat and push the dragster. In a real way, we’re on another rebel run, and I’m all that stands between Denise and history. I’ve never driven like this, with someone’s life threading behind me. The impact of the speed grows exponentially with each acceleration. Denise stays tucked in her small safe space while fanatically pedaling to match her acceleration to mine. She stays in the safety of my slipstream, and I manage to push the dragster beyond its ability. Before we know it, we’re riding a death wave, pushing our luck and skill without crossing the line.”
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