K&N Backed Driver Shea Holbrook Helps Send Cousin to the USA Athletes International Lacrosse Tour

Apr 15, 2014

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Fans of Shea Holbrook, and there are many, have long appreciated her inspiring accomplishments and racing prowess. Yet, what people respect and admire most about her are her generous, multifaceted spirit and her passionate drive to help others.

Shea with her cousins Matthew, David and Jordan

Shea with her cousins Matthew, David and Jordan

Most of her supporters know that she is an ardent advocate for kids with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and their families. She is calling on all her fellow racers, partners, family, friends and fans to help the Shea Racing team help David Klapp and his lacrosse dream.

Matthew, David and Jordan are her cousins. David is the middle child in the Klapp family and he is graduating from Mitchell College in Connecticut this summer.

“Considering everything David has been through as a brother to Matthew and Jordan, who are both afflicted with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, David is nothing less than remarkable,” said Holbrook. “And today we have an opportunity to say thank you and give back to someone who has given so much.”

David grew up playing sports with his brothers, and today, he plays for his brothers. He’s been invited to participate in the USA Athletes International Lacrosse Team to compete in the 2014 tour which includes Berlin, Germany and Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, from June 21st to June 30th.

David Klapp

David Klapp

“David is tall, strong and healthy. A fantastic athlete, hard worker, and a loving brother,” details Holbrook with equal amounts of admiration and affection. “He’s modest, kindhearted, and fun to be around. I can’t put myself in his shoes, but I know there are days that he wonders – why?”

“Dealing with his brother’s Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and being the middle child, yet still remaining so grounded and alright is a mystery. We’ll never really have an answer for that,” Holbrook says, “But this is the reality, and we can let that define us, or we can’t live as normally as possible. David chose ‘normal.’”

Normal for David is helping his brothers get in and out of bed, getting them in their wheelchairs, getting them ready for school and bolting their wheelchairs down in the car. Normal is a continuous schedule of doctor appointments, seeing his brothers in the stands watching his games, and having to say goodbye to Matthew.

“David earned the opportunity to go play lacrosse at Mitchell College, which he graduates from in May. As hard as it is being away from his family, this is something David has to do for himself,” Holbrook explains. “David is the most giving person I know, and when I say giving, I mean in compassion, time and help. He doesn’t expect anything in return nor does he expect anybody to treat him differently. When David thinks of his life, where he wants to live, who he wants to be or what he wants to do, he thinks first of his family.”

family“So with all of that said, he has an opportunity to just be David, and do something he’ll remember for the rest of his life. To go play in the USA Athletes International Lacrosse Tour to represent the United States of America. And to play for himself and his brothers. David has always been able to fall back on his team when he needed help. I’m asking you and many others to help team up for David this time, and raise the funds needed to make this dream a reality.”

The funds raised will go directly towards David’s expenses including his passport, travel, lodging, food and related expenses. To make a contribution please contact Holbrook via SheaRacing.com, Facebook or Twitter to request a tax deductible donation form, and then simply mail it into the address at the bottom of the donation page.

“Our first race is finally around the corner! I’m extremely anxious to get back on the track April 26-27th at Barber Motorsports Park with the Pirelli World Challenge,” Holbrook adds. “Our driver lineup will be impressive. And a huge thanks to our partners and my business partner, aka dad, Jeff Holbrook for busting ass during the off-season!”

“No matter where we are, I always see K&N decals on the back of someone’s truck or car, and it reminds me how fortunate I am to be a part of such a great and reputable company. We sincerely appreciate all the support from K&N Filters, fellow sponsored drivers and all the K&N fans. Let’s go racing!”