Sep 11, 2012

From www.knfilters.com

Every racing enthusiast has at some point spent time daydreaming about what it would be like to sit shotgun next to a world class racer sharing the adrenal surge with them in real-time. K&N’s Shea Holbrook has come up with a novel approach to bring all her fans along for the ride of their life. The TrueCar and Virgin sportscar racer recently became the first and only Pirelli World Challenge driver to stream live video from the cockpit of her No.67 Honda Civic Si during all on track sessions beginning at the Mid Ohio Sportscar Challenge.

“We had been thinking about featuring live in-car feed for a while now and we made it happen for the Mid Ohio races,” said Holbrook. “We did it to give a unique insight that the fans would only get in the cockpit of my racecar and give added value to our wonderful partners. Not only can you watch the live in-car but, you can also hear all radio communication between the team, my coach, and me. It’s pretty rad and we’re the only team in the series doing it. Being the first team in the series to provide the free Livestream account is also very exciting for us. This technology is just one more way that we enable our fans to experience all of the on-track action and truly become a member of the TrueCar/Shea Racing Team.”

Holbrook became the first women to ever win a Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car race in 2011, winning the Long Beach Grand Prix, along with winning Best Standing Start and the Hard Charger Award. Many people might believe a talented driver’s life is one dimensional, filled only with all things racing, but Holbrook is wholly multifaceted. At the same time that she has been creating an enviable racing career, she was also a fulltime college student.

“Well, I’m a college graduate! I graduated from the University of Central Florida in May with a Communications and Marketing degree,” said Holbrook. “Boy, I’m glad that’s over with (haha)! It was my goal to finish my four year degree within four years no matter what. I’m extremely happy I stuck with it considering my life changed dramatically after my involvement with TrueCar Racing. My degree is absolutely beneficial and paralleled in my racing career. And life is good.”

Life and racing has indeed been good to Holbrook once again this season as she finished fourth place overall in the 2012 Pirelli World Challenge. In recounting some of her highlights from the season Holbrook says, “Mosport was an unbelievable weekend for us, as we qualified P2, and I was on the podium twice. Mosport is the fastest race track in North America, so to have such a great performance like we did, I felt it really set us apart from our competitors. We continued that momentum into the Sonoma championship weekend. At Mosport, I felt wicked fast, at Sonoma I felt extremely confident. Sonoma was emotional for me, as it was my first ‘championship’ race after a full season of pro racing.”

“We definitely came into the Sonoma weekend with confidence and the determination to perform well,” Holbrook continued. “Although we were a solid 4th place finisher for the three races that weekend, I believe we had a better overall racecar, and my on track performance was strong. We held as high as P2, won the Cadillac CTS-V Move of the Race for overtaking three cars, and turned heads because of our multiple on track battles.”

The next event up on Holbrook’s race calendar is “The FireBall Run” which kicks off September 21-29th. “I was asked to participate in another rally too called ‘Her Highway’ which benefits breast cancer,” she adds. “I’ll finish up with them November 2nd in New York City, and for sure you’ll see me in the Pirelli World Challenge Championships in 2013.”

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